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Proven School-Growth System

At EduLeads, we have a proven system we use to generate the interest of parents in our partner schools, and also make a large number of these parents actually enroll their children in the school.

Our system is built around the psychology of why parents change their children’s schools. And that is why it’s super-effective – more effective than any other school-growth system you’ll find anywhere!  


See our system in action:

Below is exactly how we helped Charismartin International School generate a list of 92 interested parents and Doubled their JSS1 registration, all within just one month.

Focus on giving the best education; let’s bring the students in!


Our Services

We know you want it all: someone that would handle your website and blog, manage your social media, run your ads, help you rank on search engines, etc. etc. Sorry, that is not us! Instead, we like to focus on the most important thing to any business: getting as many customers as possible!

And the best way we’ve found to do this is to generate leads (interested parents) and convert as many of them into actual customers (enrolled students). In summary, our ONLY service is: Lead Generation via Social Media Advertising! Want to fill up your school with students? Click the button below to get started:  


What Our Clients Say

"EduLeads gave us 92 leads -- parents that showed interest in our school by giving us their contact details -- and also made us more popular in our locality. This reflected in our JSS1 registration doubling (100%) compared to 2018.

And all these happened within one month. We'll definitely continue to use EduLeads' services for as long as possible."

- Adeoluwa Akinsanya, Charismartin International Schools, Ikorodu


About Us

EduLeads is a team of professionals from various fields of digital marketing, with experiences spanning across various industries.

The truth, however, is that we never imagined ourselves promoting schools…until we got a client that practically forced us to promote their school.

We tried a lot of different strategies and while most of them failed totally, a few of them gave us some results. Until we launched a new strategy and got our content right.

We got over 30 passionate leads within one week, with tons of comments and messages on social media showing interest in the school.

The result we got was a bit shocking…it was the best we’d gotten across industries.

But it was also revealing…  

IF you offer quality education, then there’s a market for You!

This surprising result only showed that there is a gap that exists between what parents want and what they actually have, in terms of quality education.

The only way to bridge this gap is to bring the real quality schools to the attention of these progressive-minded parents. 

We Bridge the Gap!

We realized that the only reason our ads work is because the system is created around the psychology of what parents want in a school and why they won’t settle till they find it.

This is the reason we are very strict in our selection of the schools we work with.

We first gauge and screen potential school-partners based on our findings online. We select based on factors like conducive learning environment, high-quality curriculum, childcare, extra-curricular activities, school amenities, etc.

We then take it further by seeking reviews from real people who’ve interacted with the school one way or another – either as a parent or student, or by just living in the school’s neighborhood.

Finally, if we approach the school and they welcome us to present our system, we take that as an opportunity to do a physical inspection and talk to a few people (staff and students).

This is when we make our final decision as to whether the school is a good fit. 


By the reason of our strict selection, and the impossibility of competing with ourselves, there’s a degree of exclusivity in our dealings with our partner-schools.

We can’t possibly promote two schools in the same area to the same audience and expect to get any good result.

For this reason, we can only work with one school per area – of course, the best in the area.

Because…At EduLeads, we believe the best schools should win!

If that is your school, click the button below and let’s meet (and help) you!  


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